The Shrine - Bless Off 12" Gray Vinyl

The Shrine - Bless Off 12" Gray Vinyl

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BLESS OFF, Gray Vinyl- TEE PEE Records 2014, "Another dose of Pool Skating, Party Crashing, Shit Kicking Rock n' Roll..." 11 songs including a slow burner with lyrics by Chuck Dukowski that he wrote for an unreleased Black Flag song in 1982.

 LP pressed on grey wax.

1. Destroyers 
2. Worship 
3. Tripping Corpse 
4. The Duke 
5. Nothing Forever 
6. Bless Off 
7. On the Grind 
8. No Penalty 
9. Spit In My Life 
10. Napalm 
11. Hellride

Bless Off Wolf Cross album cover by Kris Kirk