2 CDs and a Patch/Sticker Bundle

2 CDs and a Patch/Sticker Bundle

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Embroidered "Wolf" circle patch and Die cut "Wolf" Sticker

Debut album..."Owes as much to Black Flag's 'My War' as that album owes to Black Sabbath...LA Record," recorded by Eliminator in 2011 released in 2012 by TEE PEE Records.

1. Zipper Tripper 
2. Whistlings of Death 
3. Freak Fighter 
4. Run The Night 
5. Primitive Blast 
6. Louise 
7. Wasted Prayer 
8. Drinking Man 
9. Deep River (Living to Die)

BLESS OFF - TEE PEE Records 2014, "Another dose of Pool Skating, Party Crashing, Shit Kicking Rock n' Roll..." 11 songs including a slow burner with lyrics by Chuck Dukowski that he wrote for an unreleased Black Flag song in 1982.

1.) Destroyers
2.) Worship
3.) Tripping Corpse
4.) The Duke
5.) Nothing Forever
6.) Bless Off
7.) On the Grind
8.) No Penalty
9.) Spit In My Life
10.) Napalm
11.) Hellride

Album covers by Kris Kirk